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Why people may want to surf the internet anonymously?

Many people are concerned about their privacy on the internet and therefore have the need to surf the internet anonymously. The ability to surf the internet without being traced is known as anonymous browsing and is the best choice for people need to protect something or someone while surfing the internet.

Many people in countries that have restrictive internet policies may have the need to surf the internet anonymously. In some countries, internet users are not allowed to access social networking sites such as Facebook. These internet users may have the need to surf the internet anonymously so that they can make use of the services of a proxy or a VPN connection to still be able to access social networking sites. Anonymous surfing helps them to keep their browsing activities from their local service providers and their government.

Employees may also have the need to surf the internet anonymously. For example, if an employee is using the internet to look for another job, he will not want his employer to know about this. Or maybe, he is spending productive hours on social networking websites. Whatever the reason, employees can keep their browsing activities from their employers through the use of anonymous surfing.

There are two basis forms of anonymous surfing: privacy from others and privacy from the web as a whole. There are many tools available that can make it possible for others to determine your IP address, your browser cache and other valuable information. Others can even connect to your hard drive and access private information. Anonymous surfing prevents others from invading your privacy as well as providing other websites on the internet to obtain your information.

Have you ever been to a website to obtain information on a specific product and after a day, you started to get a lot of spam emails in your inbox from people trying to sell you all types of products? This is because your browsing information has been traced and probably even sold to other companies which are using it to spam you.

There are many benefits to anonymous surfing but the main benefit it to protect your privacy from others.

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