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In the last 10 years technology and software has come a long way. We know it's only the beginning.

Start a new career in IT

IT is one of the best industries to have a career because there are simply so many options thanks to the rise of technology in the past 10 years. Stock market floats of companies like Facebook have changed how IT is perceived because it is no longer seen as something which is 'back office'; it has taken centre stage thanks to big companies such as Google changing how we live our lives.

IT Industry Vacancies should be your first port of call when you are looking for a new job in IT because many job advertisements are based on your skills because you have to have reached a certain skillset before you can advance to the next stage. Here are some of the advantages of working in IT:

Good pay: There are plenty of reasons to rejoice about the pay structure in IT because it definitely rewards the most talented engineers in the market. Anyone who has engineering or programming skills will have lucrative careers in IT. If you want to have a career where you will be paid good money, definitely look at the pay that is involved in an IT career.

Comfortable work/life balance: It's all about having good work/life balance especially in these times of economic uncertainty. People should consider IT careers because whether they have families or busy social lives, they will be able to indulge in the things that matter the most to them which of course includes family, friends and hobbies. IT careers can be 9 to 5 which definitely encourages a healthy work/life balance for the majority of people who work in IT.

Easy to progress: Ambitious IT professionals are happy to work in an industry that allows them to progress from junior positions to senior positions relatively easily. If you want to be part of an industry that believes in a meritocracy, you should look at IT because it is definitely a space where you can succeed as long as you have what it takes.

Top tip: Always check with your referees for their permission when you want to include them on your CV when you are applying for an IT job.

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