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In the last 10 years technology and software has come a long way. We know it's only the beginning.

Phone over the Internet

Try to recall when was the last time that you used the land-line phone for some urgent personal matters! In fact, there'll be not that many times you are using the land-line at work unless you are working for an Internet provider technical support phone service. Whoever is allowed to call you at any time of the day will know your mobile number. Anyone who needs to contact you urgently has better luck of doing that on-line via Skype, Google talk, Facebook messages or even the quaint good e-mail.

In fact, even cell-phones nowadays are most commonly used for the not quite “phone” functions such as text messaging, reminders and calendars, e-mail, mp3 player, various entertainment-related applications and mobile Web-surfing while phone calls are more and more being made through various “voice over IP” applications. Why pay so much for long distance calls when you can easily dial someone on the other side of the globe for a video call?

And why should you have something in your home or office that does not really add value to your life, but eats up money in monthly subscription charges? If you are moving into a new apartment or making a renovation of the old accommodation, instead of choosing for a land-line phone deal, you may want to consider a broadband only deal granting you the widest possible Internet canal can be a good change.

With a broadband only deal, you will be saving on the Internet provider's services, too. Many of them may try to push land-line and cable TV deals on you as an unwanted bonus during the hardware installation process. But living with less media clutter will be greatly rewarding. In fact without a TV at home, you'll be forced to get out and communicate with people more – for instance now you'll have a perfectly valid excuse for visiting a sports bar during an important match and grab a couple of beers with your friends – after all you do not own a cable TV now!

The rest of the TV footage can be reviewed and downloaded through the Internet should you really need something like that. And teaching your Grandpa or Dad to use Skype or oVo can be an immensely fun undertaking in itself. Just don't forget to get them a good broadband only deal, too.

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