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In the last 10 years technology and software has come a long way. We know it's only the beginning.

No Need for Real Cigarettes

The advancements in technology had gone to the extent that men and women no longer need to smoke an actual cigarette to get the feel, taste and sensation provided by smoking. Technology has provided them with an alternative the electronic cigarette which produces a vapor that uses a liquid which is heated by an atomizer to give the user the feel, taste and sensation of somoking.

This liquid is known as E-liquid . In order for the smoking experience of an electronic cigarette to be enjoyable, quality E-Liquid must be used. E-Liquids vary in a number of ways including consistency, nicotine concentration, flavor and throat hit.

In terms of consistency, this liquid is made of vegetable glycerin or propylene glycol. Some liquids are made of both while others are made only of propylene glycol. The flavor depends on the components that were used to make the liquid and the added flavorings which is normally the same that is used to flavor candies and food.

What exactly is the throat hit? The sensation that is felt by the user at the back of his throat when the vapor created by the electronic cigarettes is inhaled is known as the throat hit. The better the throat hit the more people will get the feel and taste of real smoking and will be more motivated to use electronic cigarette instead of real ciagarettes.

An electronic cigarette will not be a cigarette without nicotine which is why the nicotine concentration in electronic cigarettes is very important. The normal amount per user is 18mg; however, as the nicotine concentration in an electronic cigarette increases the through hit increases.

Many people are wondering if electronic cigarettes but more specifically the components in the e-liquid are safe. The fact is that the components used to create the e=liquid are normally every day components that are used in the production of food and household products. Just like real cigarettes, electronic cigarettes should not be used by those who are under-aged since that they do contain nicotine which is a stimulant. E-liquid is only safe to be used if it contains small quantities of nicotine concentrations and if it is being used by those who are not only smokers but who can tolerate nicotine as well.

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