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Government professionals can keep on the move with non-geographic telephone numbers

Non-geographic telephone numbers allow a person to make a call without the other caller knowing where the caller is located. This can come in handy for government workers who are working on cases and need to keep their location private. Also, the person who answered the call may not be in the exact location where the caller think he or she is. In fact, the caller may be a few blocks from the receiver.

With 0845 numbers they can be taken on landline and mobile phones. In order to get one of the numbers, you will need to locate a telephone company that offers private numbers. The customer service representative may give you a choice in what numbers you want. By choosing an 0845 number, anyone that works in the agency can take the call. The person that the caller wants to talk to may not be in the office, but the call may be routed to his or her mobile phone. The person can call the caller back, but it won't show where they are located.

Technology is changing and allowing government officials to work while on the move. For instance, a government official can setup their calls to be routed to their landline and mobile phone. That way they won't miss any important calls. The government official will be able to see on his phone who is calling and where they are located. By technology being so advanced, it will allow the official to get his or her hands on the person quicker. Since the person won't be able to tell where the call is coming from, they can stay put.

With an 0845 number, the government worker may be able to fax documents to another worker. By being able to use the same number to take calls and fax, the agency will be able to save some money. In order to be able to do all of these things, find if you can with the company that you sign up with to receive an 0845 number.

Government workers are telecommuting, which will allow them to work some days in the office and some at home. Technology has allowed the worker to be able to receive calls anywhere. Since government agencies are private, it is important that the worker's location is also.

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